To The Williams Community:

I am deeply honored to have been asked by the Board of Trustees to be
Interim President from July 1 until Morty Schapiro¹s successor assumes his
or her responsibilities. I feel privileged to be able to serve the College
in this capacity and look forward to continuing to collaborate with the
other members of Senior Staff, our regular standing committees, and the
Board of Trustees to manage College affairs and in particular to meet our
current financial challenges effectively and in ways that preserve our core

Over the course of the summer I will continue to carry out my
responsibilities as Dean of the Faculty. As Greg Avis pointed out in his
letter, should it become necessary for me to continue as Interim President
beyond September 1, Andrea Danyluk of the Computer Science Department and Division III representative on the Committee on Appointments and Promotions has generously agreed to serve as Acting Dean of the Faculty until I resume my responsibilities as Dean.  In this event, Andrea would resign her position on the CAP and an election for a new Division III representative would take place at the September faculty meeting.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Morty on behalf of all of us for the
splendid leadership he continues to provide the College in these last months
of his presidency.  I look forward in the coming months to working with all
members of the College community on our ongoing goal of making Williams the finest college it can be.

With best regards,

Bill Wagner
Dean of the Faculty

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