To the Williams Community,

At its recent meeting, the Board of Trustees received a report on the
presidential search, which is proceeding in an orderly and productive
manner. The community input process and the publishing of the presidential
position prospectus have been completed. The Presidential Search Committee is now focused on the parallel tasks of continuing to add names to the candidate list while researching and narrowing the field. As part of this process, delegations of committee members have been meeting with select candidates and will continue to do so.

The committee has been operating on the possibility of having the new
president in place by the time Morty Schapiro leaves at the end of June. The
chance of that has become remote enough to enact an alternative plan. In
anticipation of this possibility, the Board had charged its Executive
Committee with developing such a plan. The Executive Committee, after
deliberations and consultation with Morty, presented its recommendation to
the trustees.

I am very happy therefore to announce that the Board voted unanimously to
designate as Interim President Bill Wagner, Dean of the Faculty. He will
begin on July 1 and serve for as long as needed. Since the College Laws
indicate that, between presidencies, the Dean of Faculty would assume the
responsibilities of the President, this appointment is a natural

Williams is fortunate to be able to turn to someone as knowledgeable,
experienced, and respected as Bill. In addition to his service as Dean of
the Faculty, Bill has, in his 29 years at Williams, also served as Director
of the Williams-Exeter Programme and has chaired the Department of History,
the Committee on Educational Policy, Committee on Undergraduate Life,
Committee on Priorities and Resources, and Faculty Compensation Committee.
Please see the note from Bill that is attached below.

He will be supported by the College’s strong faculty governance structure
and exceptional administrative team. If the duties of Interim President turn
out to extend beyond September 1, Morty and Bill, in consultation with the
Faculty Steering Committee, have asked Andrea Danyluk, Professor of Computer Science, to serve as Acting Dean of the Faculty from that date until Bill could resume those responsibilities. She would bring to the task her own extensive experience in College governance, including as Chair of the Computer Science Department, Cognitive Science Program, Committee on Educational Policy, and Faculty Steering Committee and as member of the Committee on Appointments and Promotions.

The Board is confident that this arrangement will provide the College with
continuity and excellence in leadership until the next president takes
office. I hope you will join me in thanking Bill and Andrea for their
willingness to serve Williams in these capacities.

Greg Avis ’80
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees

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