I will be around campus this week-end and would like to organize a meet up with any and all Ephs interested in the future of Williams on-line. EphBlog is a part of that future (we hope!), but I am also interested in the broader topic. Idea is to pick a time (say 3 or 4 in the afternoon?), a place (meeting room in Paresky?) and get together. EphBlog regulars are welcome of course (and who would want to miss a chance to chat with Frank Uible in the flesh?) but I hope to convince others to come as well. Comments/suggestions are welcome. Other topics:

1) I am giving a lecture for STAT 346 on Regression in Finance from 12:00 to 1:00 in Bronfman 106. All are welcome, and I am told that pizza will be provided. Although the main audience is the students in the class, my talk will be accessible to anyone who knows what “regression” is.

2) I would especially like to meet some of the faculty and staff who comment here anonymously. As Professor Joe Cruz ’91 can confirm, I am a charming companion for coffee. Just e-mail me (dave at kanecap dot com) and we can set something up — off-the-record of course! No particular agenda, but face-to-face meet ups are always fun.

3) There is an alumni event on Saturday evening. If you are an alum who reads EphBlog, let’s get together there and chat. Not sure on the easiest way to arrange that, but Dick has published enough picture of my face that I hope you will just come up and introduce yourself.

UPDATE: 4) Although I am not hiring Williams interns this year (Damn you, Financial Crisis!), my friends at Geode Capital are (with similar preferences to my own). It’s a cool place with several Ephs currently working there, several hired by me. I will post something at OCC and be available for chats at some point. Contact me if interested.

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