Most important, from a student perspective: Eco Cafe is closing in order to move staff for full “staff serving” at dining halls, instead of self-serve (salad bars, etc). For letter, click

To the Williams Community,

Now that the Centers for Disease Control have determined that the latest flu
strain seems to be spreading beyond people who have recently visited Mexico, the College has decided to take its next preventive step, which involves dining.

Since a potentially major source of virus transmission is the unprotected
handling of shared utensils, Dining Services, beginning tomorrow, will move away from self-serve food stations (salad bars, etc.) in favor of served

This will take place in all dining areas, including the Faculty House, and will continue for as long as it makes sense. To free up servers for this effort, The ’82 Grill and Eco Cafe will be closed until we revert to normal operations.

It’s important to remind ourselves and each other of the importance of frequent hand washing and, if you have any respiratory symptoms and fever, of visiting the Health Center, if you are a student, or your doctor, if you are faculty or staff.

One good place to keep abreast of the national situation is the CDC Web
site: http// .

To close on an Eph note: you might be interested to know that the CDC’s
Acting Director, much in the news these days, is Richard Besser ’81.

Ruth Harrison
Director of Health Services

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