My fellow EphBloggers,

In these last 100 days, we as EphBloggers have made 453 posts to this site, and have responded with comments over 6000 times!

This feat and its’ effects can be measured on a national scale, certainly in the improvement in the quality of life for countless readers and the better understanding of issues as varied as the economy and the economy!

But most important, and I want you to take pride in this, my fellow EphBloggers, by publishing as we do in the spare ether of the bloggosphere, we have saved the wanton destruction of the trees so necessary to the process of photosynthesis and its’ contribution to our very existence here on Earth!

Please take pride in these accomplishments of the past 100 days and Dave bless this great URL!

(I think there is something else about the first 100 days going on, but what the heck … we’re right in there!)

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