I set up an account for EphBlog on Twitter. What should I do with it, if anything? I have never used Twitter before. I have thought about creating a feed for EphBlog of all Ephs who “tweet” but it looks like Ronit is already able to include Twitter feeds in his Eph Planet feed on the right panel. At least, I have seen tweets from Steve Case ’80 there.

Suggestions welcome.

UPDATE: Per the Record, Lauren Shuffleton ’12 (@ShuffShuff) is one of the more proflic Eph Twitterers.

Suffering from a short attention span? Don’t worry, there’s still hope. A new, mobile social-networking site lets you know in 140 characters or less what your friends are doing – via cell phone or computer. It’s called Twitter, and everyone from Darth Vader impersonators to Barack Obama is using it.

This March, Twitter will celebrate its third anniversary, and there’s reason to celebrate: It has been ranked by Complete.com as the third largest social-networking site behind Facebook and MySpace. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, take this crash-course on Twitter jargon before reading on. “Twitter” is both a noun and a verb. A “tweet” is a 140-character update. An “@reply” is a public reply to a tweet. To “follow” someone is to receive their updates on your homepage. To be “favrd” is to have a gold star affixed to your tweet. All set? Read on.

With the username “ShuffShuff,” Lauren Shuffleton ’12 is an extremely prolific Twitterer with over 1,492 updates. Her tweets appear on the homepages of 347 people from around the world, and, unlike Facebook, almost all of these people are perfect strangers to her in the real world. Shuffleton tweets about her pursuits, both academic (“Where, iTunes, did you get the idea that the genre for my Arabic-learning CDs was Alternative and Punk?”) and personal (“I just shed a tear at the intro to the video for ‘No Rain.’ I’m so grateful for the scapegoat of PMS”).

One of her recent tweets is:

This pencil skirt w/ the slit is awesome for interviews. At most angles it’s wool, knee-length perfection and then POW gorgeous upper thigh.

Not that there is anything wrong with upper thigh, of course.

What other students tweet? Do any faculty/staff?

EphBlog assignment desk: Create a fake Twitter account for Morty. (Just like Darth Vader’s, only with more purple.) Assigned to Seth Brown ’01 of Rising Pun, last seen in these parts with an inspired Dr Seussian take on Neighborhood Housing.

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