Actually, both crews did well, but the men are featured in the Crew of the Week poll at Go vote (right column) and support them and their close victory over Trinity. Read more about it and watch the medal video at Sports Info.

The men’s 1V won the New England Rowing Championships for the first time in 13 years. The 2V boat medaled for the first time in 10 years and the 3V retained its silver medal from last year.

It was an unbelievable weekend for Williams. The crew left campus on Friday at midday with just hopes for Worcester. They came back with accomplishments.

The 2V event was the best racing of the day…Dan Winston relates his feelings at the finish, “we didn’t know who had won – sitting on the water for two minutes, waiting for the announc er were some of the tensest moments I can remember.

Nathaniel Lim ’11 7-seat of the boat relived the drama: “We waited at the finish, deathly quiet with our heads down almost certain we had let a medal slip away… Then the officials called us to the awards dock, and our boat erupted in sheer excitement and relief. 10 long years.” Dan Winston ’09 continued, “we were the first Williams 2V to win a medal in a decade, and based on the age of our team, we know it won’t be another ten years before it happens again.”

The 1V was also energized by the performance of Williams’ other boats. Their race was the greatest and most symbolic victory of the day.

Captain Rob Buesing recaptured the race: “We had a pretty decent start in the final, going up a half length on Trinity. However, Bates came out disgustingly fast off the start, something we were not expecting. They were amp;#190; length up on us by the 750. We were nearly a length up on Trinity after we finished our move at 800.

When Trinity finally took their big move around the 1000, we went with them, with both of us taking off from the rest of the field, eliminating Bates remaining 3 seat lead in about 10 strokes. Importantly, Trinity didn’t really take any seats back during their big move, our goal. With a 6 seat lead on Trinity and nearly a length on Bates going into the last 350, everyone in that boat knew there was no way we were going to lose that race. Trinity started their sprint around then, making a last ditch effort to get back at us. We went with them, and we pulled the 25 most painful and most satisfying strokes of my rowing career to finish 5 seats up on the crew previously thought to be unbeatable.”

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