Mark Taylor’s op-ed generated this commentary from Randall Parker:

Consider, the cost of cars isn’t going up as fast as the overall rate of inflation while universities are hiking their prices faster than the rate of education. Then there’s quality. Detroit’s made huge strides in improving quality.

The online realm is causing a collapse in printed newspaper circulation. Well, it is only a matter of time until online education starts making substantial inroads into live bricks-and-mortar education.

I see signs and indications that online education will take off and some colleges will get converted to commercial office buildings or other uses.

Online education will take off but I am not sure that this will have meaningful impact on Williams. First, there will always be rich parents who want to send their children to Williams and 18-year-olds who want to go. Second, the more that Williams gets rid of lectures, the less likely that anyone would imagine that a Williams education can be replicated on-line.

The tutorial program is our key comparative advantage. We should continue to expand it.

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