I am going to update the FAQ with an entry on when/why EphBlog administrators edit posts made by other authors. (Related thread.) Details below. Commentary welcome.

1) Any problems/suggestions/observations with other aspects of the FAQ? Please take a look.

2) I have updated the FAQ to include the definition of Administrator.

3) Proposal: Add a question: “Why did you edit my post/comment?” Add answer: “Administrators have the ability to edit any post/comment on EphBlog. They do so sparingly. The most common edit is to fix HTML formatting associated with images. They also edit posts and comments in compliance with reader requests. The Board retains the right to enforce other edits as it deems necessary, generally after discussion with Ombudsperson.”

On the one hand, this seems like a somewhat restrictive policy. I thought that it was a good thing that posts on EphBlog could be written in a somewhat collaborative fashion. A classic example is here. Jeff (I think) put up a brief initial post. But he lacked the time or energy or technical skill to include the video itself and a blockquote from the article. I added it. Doing so improved the post, thereby making the reader experience better, and was consistent with Jeff’s intent. So, it seems too bad that our new policy will prevent such an edit. Other multiple authors blogs use the “UPDATE from DK” usage to good effect.

But, upon reflection, I think that this won’t work. Several regular authors are very worried about such editing, so it is better to put their minds at rest. No one is going to touch their posts, except as specified above. The next time Jeff (or anyone else) puts up a post like this, I will have two choices: 1) Add the information and images in the comment thread to that post or, 2) Start a new post with that information. For me, at least, the decision will depend on how much I think readers will want to see the other information.

In other words, you are on your own Zeeman! ;-)

Comments welcome.

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