The feeling on campus is steadily becoming more melancholic – we’re becoming increasingly aware that the Class of 2009 is soon to depart, and with them the chances to enjoy their company before Mother Williams kicks them out after exacting as many gifts as possible, so as to begin many long and fruitful financial relationships. Yesterday, a senior looked at one of the alumni buttons that said ’09, and suddenly realized how close she was to becoming an alumnus. Eeeek.

The most interesting pattern is how much my class is following the steps of those before us – I’m soon to lose friends to WEPO and other programs abroad, and while Skype is great, there’s nothing like sitting across from someone at the Science Quad picnic table for a chat. The opportunities that I will miss next year are becoming clearer as the time slips away.

This weekend will be another busy one for the arts – I’m seeing at least two concerts and one play. The past week has seen a series of thesis presentations, most of which I’ve been too sleep-deprived to actually enjoy. I have about 15 things on my to-do list, but all I really want to do is sit and breathe.

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