I am writing a book about men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track, and was asked to post something about it. I wrote a book about my high school team, Beverly MA, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to write one about Williams, especially with all the success in recent years. The book is not intended to be encyclopedic in facts and statistics but more to get into the spirit of the team and what makes it so popular and why people love it the way they do. If you would like me to interview you for the book you can reach me at JoelRichardson _at_ verizon.net, if you have digital photos you would like in the book please send them to my partner Bill Soares at wesjrjob _at_ yahoo.com with Williams track in the subject and as much identification of the photo as possible such as names, dates, events, etc. I got some response from my initial posting in the Williams track newsletter but need more to make the book happen, especially from the women athletes.

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