Junior Danger

This image considers the implications of class relationships in the context of a junior year abroad. I have colored in cells of classes that are unavailable for a junior spending the year abroad. For example, members of the class of 2009 were partially unavailable from my class in my freshman year, as compared with the nearly universally present sophomore class. In my class’s Junior year, we are unavailable to other classes.

The implications of the above are interesting. Tracing the graph left to right, you can see that although it might seem that members of my class and the class of 2010 share three years together, combined years abroad can lower that time for full interaction to one year, the same time that the class of 2008 had with us.

Granted, the effect is much less because of the low number of juniors who spend the full year abroad, but I was surprised at the implications regarding class ties. It’s certain that the next two weeks will mark the last time that some members of my class see current frosh, since some of both classes will be abroad in the next two years.

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