100453_11Ever get tired of trying to prove that 2 + 2 equals 4? Me too! That’s why, in our previous discussion about the almost certain acceptance of Princess Eugenie of York into the Williams College class of 2013, I quickly gave up. Proving the obvious was likely to be as productive as demonstrating — to those without the eyes to see — that famous Eph girlfriend Rielle Hunter had an affair (and baby!) with Senator John Edwards.

But, now that the British press is reporting, shockingly, the answer 4, will my critics credit me with algebraic wisdom? Do not hold your breath. From the Daily Express (h/t to Jeff):

PRINCESS EUGENIE, who is touring the world on a much-criticised “party central” gap year with two police bodyguards, may be about to add hundreds of thousands of pounds to the taxpayers’ bill.

She and her family are remaining very tight-lipped about suggestions that she wants to study at a private university in the US.

The daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who achieved the Royal Family’s best A-level results with two As and a B, apparently wants to study at £31,000-a-year Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, according to sources there.

The Daily Express has multiple “sources” in Williamstown talking about Princess Eugenie?! And EphBlog has none! This makes me very sad.

More likely, they have no real sources in Williamstown. (Informed commentary on standards in the British press is welcome.) They read EphBlog. They read the story we linked to. They called up Williams.

Her mother went to the liberal arts college three weeks ago to discuss sending 19-year-old Eugenie there, according to the reports.

Which “reports?” I can find no other previous coverage of the Princess Eugenie-to-Williams connection other than what was published in EphBlog. (The article that Jeff found did not specify that Eugenie was the daughter considering Williams.) We broke this story! (Evidence to the contrary welcome.) How about a little love for EphBlog?

By the way, if you are the Record reporter assigned to this story, then you ought to cite EphBlog. What plausible excuse do you have not to since a) We first reported the story and b) You almost certainly read about it here first. And don’t we all agree that the Record should write about this?

But the choice of an American university, which could be seen as a vote of no-confidence in British education, would threaten to embroil the Royal Family in a political controversy.

She already receives police protection – at a cost of £250,000 a year to taxpayers – on the insistence of her father. The gap year reportedly adds a further £100,000.

A four-year course at Williams would add considerably more to taxpayers’ costs if British detectives had to stay with her.

Would the British taxes go to Eugnie’s Williams education? Why is that? I assumed that the British Royal family is independently wealthy.

Does Eugenie really need guards? I don’t know. But I bet those guards would receive a warm welcome from the Williams rugby team! Assume that the guards come to Williams. How would that work? One hopes that Eugenie would be able to live in a freshmen entry, but it is hard to imagine that her (male or female?) guards would live there too. Dean Dave has a lot of interesting decisions to make . . .

Eugenie has previously suggested that she wanted to study English and history of art at Bristol or Newcastle universities.

A spokesman for Williams College declined to discuss Fergie’s visit on April 22.

“I can’t discuss private visits,” he said. “If she had come here to speak at a public lecture, for example, then I would have been able to speak about that.”

20070111073841 Hey! How about a little love for Jim Kolesar ’72, Director of Public Affairs? He is more than an unnamed spokesman. He is a Williams graduate and Williams parent. By the way, wouldn’t you love to have a transcript of Jim’s conversation with the reporter from the Daily Express? Must be interesting to be badgered by a member of the British press . . .

See, Jim, EphBlog isn’t so bad . . .


By the way, at what point to the members of the class of 2013 become public knowledge? The College has 550 deposits. Williams either has a check from the British Treasury or it does not. At some point, all members of the class of 2013 get a list of all their classmates, don’t they? Keep us posted!

I can’t speak for other authors on EphBlog, but I plan in following Jeff Zeeman’s proposal:

Again, as I alluded to in a comment to my own post, I do think if a member of the royal family ends up matriculating at Williams, that would be a huge story for Williams (and undoubtedly it would receive a lot of media attention beyond Ephblog). I don’t see anything wrong with noting that here. However, if and when any such celebrity starts at Williams, this blog should not become a tabloid — we should in that case leave her be to enjoy her undergrad years in as normal a fashion as possible.

Exactly correct. Beyond reporting/confirming the news that she is an Eph, I, for one, won’t be writing about her activities as an undergraduate any differently than I will abiout the 549 other members of the class of 2013. Want bikini pictures or Facebook snooping? Look elsewhere.

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