(Since this story has been extensively covered in the national media, I won’t add any links. I just wanted to acknowledge the severe pain it brings, not only to the Wes community but also to many of us in Wes’s sibling communities.)

Johanna Justin-Jinich, a junior at Wesleyan, was murdered last Wednesday while working at her campus job in the Wes bookstore cafe. A young man who knew her — but who was not a member of the Wesleyan community –and who is believed to have stalked her, turned himself in and is being held for the murder.

From all the reports, Ms. Justin-Jinich was a wonderful, vibrant, engaged Cardinal. As far as I can tell, the Wes administration and faculty and the local and state police acted promptly, wisely, and caringly, just as one would hope.

Please keep all of those affected in your thoughts and in your hearts and honor Ms. Justin-Jinich by turning to those around you with respect, affection, and the appreciation that awareness of the fragility of all our lives can nurture. May something good somehow come out of this horror.

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