…and I very much hope you will return.

For those of you who have not realized it, Dick has resigned as President of EphBlog. He was generous with his time and was truly committed to trying to make this site a sort of Log House for the whole Eph community. He brought much to us, including his signature sometimes goofy and always thought-provoking Photoshop art. He also helped link many of us to earlier times at Williams and in commerce and the arts, and to the northwest. Dick reached out and tried to encourage new voices. He fought to maintain standards of collegiality, a fight that was difficult and that I particularly appreciated.

I mourn the loss of Dick from this place. I’ve benefited from his voice and his efforts.

I want to scream “Have you no decency?” to those who haven’t even bothered to thank Dick for all he has tried to do for EphBlog.
We should all be trying to get him back.

I will start: Dick, if you are reading this, please come back. I miss, and deeply appreciate, your voice, your contributions, your standards, and your aspirations for the Williams communities (including this one).

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