This New York Times article on college sports spending does not mention Williams, but it does provide for an excuse to look closely at the College’s athletics budget, details of which are available here. Interesting data below the break.

First, why does Williams tell alumni (pdf) that it spends over $6.3 million on the athletic budget while insisting to the federal government that total spending is only $4.2 million? I assume that there is some conflict in how various expenses are classified, but I can’t figure out why the difference would be so large.

Second, here are the three key screens of information. Click on each image for better resolution. Of the 1,973 students, 718 play varsity sports. That 36% figure is consistent with other reports.


Head coaches aren’t paid very much. Assistant coaches are paid peanuts. Of course, some of these jobs are part time. And you can be sure that assistant coaches vary dramatically in the number of hours that they put in. Does anyone know what to make of the “Average Annual Institutional Salary per FTE” data?


Lots of interesting data on per sport costs, last used in our discussion about eliminating football.


I wanted to save all this information now since I am not sure of the source website will archive information from previous years going forward.

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