Richard Palmer:

Hey guys. Greetings from London. I’m the royal correspondent on the Daily Express and I wrote the story about Eugenie thinking about studying at Williams College. I didn’t discover this website until after the story appeared so, please, no more accusations of stealing your scoop!

Just to let you know, Eugenie is definitely NOT coming to Williams. She has decided she is going to study at a British university.

Her mother did take a tour of your campus, as you know, and has looked at other US colleges, just as she did for her elder daughter Beatrice. But after the family thought through all the options, it’s been decided that Eugenie will study in the UK.

This has come out because Scotland Yard has begun a review of the cost of providing round-the-clock bodyguards to the young royals and Buckingham Palace wanted to halt speculation about British taxpayers having to fork out for police personal protection officers to live alongside Eugenie in the US for four years.


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