Thanks to Jeff for pointing toward this article from the Daily Mirror.

Princess Eugenie made another solo foray into her royal duties yesterday as she attended a function at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground along with club star Frank Lampard.

HRH was there to support the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association Dragon Football Team and support her friend, businessman and socialite David Tang.

Her first official royal engagment was in February last year at a cancer ward for teenagers in Leeds.

Apparently, Eugenie, plans to spend some time over the summer working for her mother’s Children In Crisis charity before going to university in the autumn.

The sixth in line to the throne, she’s spent a gap year doing a bit of travelling around the globe and is due to start at Williams College in Massachussetts this autumn.

It’s a private college that specialises in the arts but her attendance has sparked rows about how much it would cost in royal security protection officers.

That’s not consistent with this note from Richard Palmer, Royal correspondent on the Daily Express, telling us that “Eugenie is definitely NOT coming to Williams.”


1) Was Princess Eugenie accepted into the class of 2013? My guess is Yes. If she had not applied and been accepted, I would wager that Williams officials would not have gone out of their way to have a private meeting with her her mom, the Duchess of York, last month.

2) Has Princess Eugenie sent in a deposit to save her place? My guess is Yes. Even if she and her family are unsure about next fall, sending in a deposit is a cheap way to keep options open.

3) Will Princess Eugenie be attending Williams in the fall? I have no idea. “Due to start” seems fairly definite. Why would reporter Jody Thompson write this if it weren’t true?

4) Other articles about the event (here, here and here) don’t mention Williams.

UPDATE: By the way, is “a private college that specialises in the arts” the sort of branding that we are looking for? (Thanks to Rory for point that out and to LG for the correction about her met with Williams officials.)

UPDATE II: Only EphBlog gives you this kind of inside scoop.

At the moment, 556 members of the class of 2013 have had accounts created on the Williams network. None of them are named Eugenie. Take from that what you will.

Seems like no Princess Eph.

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