bascom-lodge-postcard-1930s(DK – no tips “musings” today, please, as you have a post from someone else.)

The roads to the summit of Mt. Greylock have been reopened. The surfaces have been redone and problem spots reengineered. Last Saturday, that smooth new ride was being enjoyed by everyone from drivers to cyclists to bikers and even the stray hiker. The lookouts have been trimmed, giving glorious views.

Visitors can now, once again, go into the Peace Lighthouse in the War Memorial. After stopping in the memorial chamber at the base, they can climb the spiral stairs up to the lookout and see vistas spreading all the way to New Hampshire and Connecticut, and including great swaths of Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.

According to the signs and the ranger, Bascom Lodge itself will reopen on July 4th, serving food and drinks. The rooms in the lodge are being restored to their 1930s style (about the era of the postcard, above) and will open sometime later. So, in the not-too-distant future, people will again be able to stay in the lodge, either in a bunkroom or in a private room.

For more information on the restoration project, see this website for Bascom Lodge.

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