My google tour of purple cow imagery is, sadly, at an end.  But I learned quite a bit about the purple cow oeuvre.  You can wash down your purple cow beer with purple cow wine to get nice and groggy for a trip across the Atlantic to the purple cow theater.  The following morning, you can nurse your purple cow-sized hangover with purple cow pancakes and purple cow coffee, before loading up on purple cow subs at lunch time.    Purple cows come in all shapes and sizes and styles: old school, vulnerable, sartorial, bling-laden, automotive, literary, trippy, hungry, dancing (with Matt Harding at Yahoo!), mailable, mutated, and yes, even sexy.

One thing I knew before, but am even more certain of now: Lord Jeffrey, notwithstanding his perfectly lovely name, is no purple cow — not even close.  And yes, even after seeing thousands of fictional purple cows, more than ever, I hope to see a real one … (could the lovely bovine pictured above be her?).  So, which is your favorite purple cow?

(Thanks to Kim and JG for pointing me to a few of the links noted above).

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