So, Parent ’12 posted this link on “Speak Up” several days ago. And (no) thanks to her, I have been thinking about honeybuns ever since.

But I also could not help but notice, that unlike the “Cheese Bread” post, not one blogger has waxed eloquent about this supposedly irresistible Paresky delicacy.

Jeff’s “Anonymous Professor made mention of them, they are listed as one of the draws on the Reunion Schedule, they somehow played a part in one of Morty’s holiday cards, yet not a single Ephblogger has rhapsodized about the Paresky Honeybuns.

What is the story? How long have they been around? Are they as good as they look? And are they really served up “grilled”, with butter!?

(Sheesh, my heart is clenching just thinking about it.)

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