Form David on a previous post:

  1) Best data on participation is here. 36% of Williams students play on at least one varsity team. Few other colleges came anywhere near that figure.

    That statistic is misleading… it does not take into account other than varsity… mostly lower classmen who will play varsity in the future. The REAL measure would be, at Williams, what % of the student body will eventually play Varsity sports…  if you have that much competition to make a team… I bet well over half the student body, perhaps even ¾ or more, is competing to get on a varsity squad. That is an ASTOUNDING number.

Unscientific I know… but let’s get a quick look at the  jocks we have kicking around here… shall we?

  David has written about his participation in sports… I happen to think Ken is an athlete.. Frank of course… broke people’s bones playing ball… so, how about it?

JeffZ is a jock, no doubt about that… (correction… Jeff is not a jock. Read below.)

The son of “the artist formerly known as sophmom”, a jock…. 10 to 1, a TIP even! Oh, the horror!

 How many jocks do we have kicking around this blog? Which sport(s), and and what level?

Was/ is athletics worth it for you?  

Do sports have something to do with why we are “here”?

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