Kim Fassler ’06 writes:

My friend called me the other day to tell me that her world was falling apart.

“Have you seen what’s happening with ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8?” she wailed.

Celebrity magazines have been swarming in recent weeks over the stars of TLC’s hugely popular reality TV show about a couple with eight children. Media have reported that Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage is imploding; each has been accused of an extramarital affair — Kate with her bodyguard, and Jon with a 23-year-old schoolteacher while Kate was off promoting her books on parenting. (Both have denied the allegations.)

The fate of their eight — twins and sextuplets — is uncertain.

What amazed me even before the scandal blew up was not just how many people were watching this wonderfully tame and domestic series, but who was watching it. My friends, who are mostly in their mid-twenties and don’t have children, love it. Even my guy friends are big fans and some can name all the kids (the “Plus 8”).


1) Fassler needs a different (additional? better?) set of guy friends.

2) If I were the Gosselin’s agent, I would make up and spread these rumors even if they were the world’s happiest married couple. More rumors cause higher ratings cause more money.

3) Needless to say, I find the racial angle interesting. Jon is biracial and so the children are 1/4 Korean. When they apply to Williams, which box on the Common Application do you think they will check? What box should they check?

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