This article provides a lot of details about the plans for Bascom Lodge on top of Mt. Greylock. Parts of the lodge will open on July 1st. A community barbeque will fete the reopening on July 4th. As the article makes clear, what’s planned is not just a renovation but a restoration combined with considerable upgradings.

I was up there earlier this month, when they had a very long way to go. It’s not clear from the article and what I saw then whether the new lessees are just opening the cafe, or will have more of the lodge ready.

In addition to the cafe, the plans include an evening fine dining option (what a romantic option that could become), a shop purveying both hiker-type necessities and local crafts, and eventually reopening the lodging components. Hostel accommodations will be retained for hikers (including the Appalachian Trail long-distance types) but a large part of the lodging will be given over to more luxurious facilities meant to, and priced to, compete with local bed and breakfast and inn offerings. The rooms are being restored/renovated to a 1930s look (the lodge was built in that era by the Civilian Conservation Corps).

When the project is complete, the lodge will be available for weddings and conferences, in addition to general use by the public. The new lessees also plan to hold community cultural events there on Wednesday nights.

It’s a grand vision (with the Devil being in the details, as always). The principals, who have a 25-year lease, are a chef and a textile designer. I hope they succeed. It’s going to be hard in this economy, especially with a short season (the lodge will not be open in the winters), but it could take off into something very popular with the warm weather sets.

Maybe PTC will check it out for us when he’s back in the county next week.

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