harvard_commencementNot a subscriber to Harvard Magazine? Then you missed this article on Harvard’s Commencement, featuring a picture of some goofy alum and his adorable daughter (Williams class of 2021).

The caption reads: “David Kane, Ph.D., ’98, associate of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and his daughter Cassandra enliven the faculty procession with his dangling purple cows from Williams (his alma mater) and her Mad Hatter headgear.”

I attached the magnetic purple cows (a reunion gift from a few years ago, I think) to my mortarboard in order to show the colors at the event. I brought Cassandra because I thought it would be a hoot, and it was.

Perhaps all you need to know about the difference between Harvard and Williams is that, at Harvard, the faculty (or the less than 5% of them that bother to come to Commencement) parade between rows of graduating seniors who are expected to clap for them.

At Williams, we do things differently.

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