Charles Stewart Maurice Class of 1861











photo credit Jekyll Island Museum

A Jekyll Island website gives a glimpse into the life of Charles Steward Maurice, Class of 1861, who went on to become an engineer. He trained at RPI, accelerating his studies and joining the U.S. Navy in 1862. After the war, he went into private practice, building a number of impressive bridges. For many years, Maurice summered in Georgia with his very large family, and he seems to have been actively involved in the life on Jekyll Island despite being a Yankee.

When I saw the blurb for the link, I thought of the powerful changes Maurice’s generation, both North and South, lived through.  The books are about to close on the fiscal year for the endowment, the belt will have to be tightened further, and things will still be very difficult for many Ephs, but Williams survives and her sons (and daughters) continue to excel. I pause for a moment and am grateful to all who have made that possible.

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