Today is Morty’s last day as president of Williams. Have you thanked him yet? You should! (I just did.) Although you will get a misleading bounce-back message, e-mail sent to Morton.Owen.Schapiro at still reaches him as he unpacks his boxes in Evanston. So, send him a thank-you note — and tell him that EphBlog sent you!

If I had to single out the most important aspect of Morty’s presidency for me, it would be the way that he was always so open, honest and thoughtful in his public discussions of Williams policies. (Great collection of examples here and here.) I am unaware of any elite college/university president who has maintained such high standards of transparency. Say what you will about the substance of his decisions, but Morty always called them like he saw them. For that, and many other accomplishments, I will always be a fan.

What Morty accomplishment is your favorite? (Only good things today, please! Criticisms come tomorrow).

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