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Travels with Rechtal Turgidley, Jr:

Vac Negroni jun 2009

Some have wondered if my old roommate had been successful in helping define new classifications for the Hungarian Philatelic Society regarding items issued under various provisional governments in the aftermath of WWI. I am happy to report he was completely successful!

In celebration of his work and to recognize my modest efforts as his secretary, we spent a day in Vac, Hungary, particulary to visit the wonderful post-Baroque Cathedral of Mary’s Ascension designed by the Viennese court architect Isidore Canevale.

It was a hot day on first of June. Rechtal was ready for a cocktail by 5:30. And a Negroni was the order of the day. I was dispatched to make this happen. The picture illustrates my efforts at making a breakthrough . I supervised at the bar and personally cut the orange zest.

I write to extol the restorative powers of the Negroni, to say as an aside that flexibility is needed to be a successful secretary, and that the production of Handel’s Xerxes (1738) at the State Opera was amazing in the setting in today’s Iran replete with a freeway interchange, Xerxes singing in a small plane flying around the stage, hoodies, ipods, breakdances, a tank, walls of air conditioners and the felling of Xerxes’ beloved tree (Platanus orientalis) by a sports car!

Rechtal joins me in wishing a Glorious Fourth to one and all.