There seems to be a group of Ephs reading Infinite Jest this summer. If they want more participation, they ought to crosspost at EphBlog.

As best I can tell, they currently have no more than one participant . . .


Chris Fox ’11, who seems to be the student leading the effort, has kindly accepted my invitation to crosspost at EphBlog. Suggestions:

1) Start again. If you want to attract more than one or two participants, then you will want to start the project again. There must be (?) at least 5 EphBlog readers who would find this a fun project, but they will want to start at the beginning. You also need to give them time to buy the book.

2) Check out our previous experiments in on-line learning. If an Eph reading of Infinite Jest could be even 1/5 as successful as our CGCL, that would still be an impressive achievement. Note that recruiting different people to give their take on specific chapters is a helpful way to build up the community of participants.

3) Do it someplace besides Facebook, although updates to Facebook are fine. EphBlog would be happy to host the project, but the Williams Blogs could also be used. Leveraging the EphBlog community is highly recommended.

3) Try to partner with some other folks. Why not recruit the Ephs on the Williams Expedition? They will have a lot of time for reading. I would also try to recruit some Williams professors. Bob Bell is the obvious person to start with and he might also have some good suggestions.

Good luck! Let us know what we can do to help.

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