Hey Everyone,

My name is Chris Fox ’11 and I am helping with Williams’ Summer Read-a-thon of Infinite Jest. I will be posting here on Ephblog as well as some other places (check out infinite-eph.blogspot.com, thanks to Dave for the title). Thank you so much to everyone for their help and support, and your comments and suggestions are always welcome. To start us off, I had a question for everyone taking part in Infinite Summer.

On page 17 there’s a great line “So yo then man what’s your story?” The book is really about a lot of different stories so I wanted to ask everyone the same question. How did you decide to pick up Infinite Jest this summer? What draws you to the book? What’s your story?

And since it’s only fair, here’s my story: I actually came upon the book by accident. I was ordering books for myself over winter break and ordered “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace and Barnes and Noble said “Books you might like” and indicated “Infinite Jest.” I ignored it and ordered a few other books (that I still have to read) and Barnes and Noble kept telling me that I might like this book “Infinite Jest.” So I read the description and it said the book was funny, thought provoking, and about entertainment–what more could I ask for? So I ordered it.

A week later it came in the mail and I realized it was 1000+ pages long. I had no idea (obviously I was not paying attention when I was reading the description) and I immediately thought, I’ll wait till summer. When I got back to school I saw that it was on the syllabus for a class that I was taking (Epic and Mock Epic with the great Bob Bell) and I got really excited. But being a busy Williams student, I didn’t give Infinite Jest near as much attention as I would have liked and when I was contacted about Infinite Summer I was really excited to dive back into this book. It’s really a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

Now it’s your turn–what’s your story? Let us know and keep checking back. I’ll be posting page numbers and some questions to think about for this our first week of Williams Infinite Summer! Happy reading!

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