Coming soon to an EphBlog near you!

Are you a prefrosh, wondering what exactly a “Junior Advisor” is, and why exactly they’re so cool?

…Perhaps a current student, curious about the real world behind the iconic purple shirt?

…An alum, eager to relive your glory days (“When I was a JA…”)?

…Or maybe an Elton John fanatic, searching for someone to hold you just a little closer?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Except for you, Mr. Piano-Rock-Connoisseur.  I’m not that kind of Tiny Dancer.

Starting next week, I will be recording my life as a brand-spankin’-new JA on our very own EphBlog.  In installments to be posted on the second Monday of every month, I will share with the world the ups and downs of a year spent living in the very same entry I inhabited as a First Year.  And who am I?

Tiny Dancer ’11

Tiny Dancer is a JA to the class of 2013 and the author of “JA: Junior Anonymous”, a monthly series devoted to chronicling her adventures in entry life.  When not bumming around the common room, Tiny is a pre-med Literary Studies major and plays a varsity sport.  Despite her moniker, she is absolutely terrible at dancing.


I can’t pretend to speak for all JAs, and I can’t promise that my words will be funny, wise, or illuminating in any way.  But I can promise that they will be real, and I think that’s all that matters.

Until next week…

–Tiny Dancer

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