Ephblog, for better or for worse (or probably, a little bit of both) won’t have any influence on the hiring of the new Williams President.  I propose, however, that we attempt to start a dialogue after he/she is hired by sending a collective list of ten (or so) questions about issues particular to Williams that have long bothered some portion of the Ephblog community.  I propose that we keep the questions narrow and discrete in focus, rather than hitting on big picture stuff that will inevitably be discussed during the search process (e.g., how to deal with a lower endowment).  I’ll start us off with an oft-expressed gripe recently raised in another thread:

(1) Is it problematic that the massive parking garage near Greylock Quad sits empty most of the time, and if so, will you push hard to allow students to utilize that parking in the 2009-2010 academic year?

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