Today, while shopping in the Trader Joe’s at 25th and L in the nation’s capital, I randomly ran into one of the many Ephs in town for all or part of the summer. She’s going to Oxford next year, so we had a chance to catch up in the long checkout line, then I headed back to GW, where I and four other Ephs are taking a summer class for a few weeks. Living in a city is neat.

The Ephs in DC Summer 2009 Facebook group currently boasts 45 members, though I’m sure there are more around. We’re working in NGOs, on the Hill, in various cabinet departments, and probably a few other places around the city. It’s always fascinating to come back in September and here stories from all of the different workplaces. Hopefully, no Ephs are featured in this blog.

Thanks to high demand/security clearances, I’m actually going to have to start considering next summer before this one is over – some applications for the next summer are due on September 30th, something I bitterly discovered last year around October 7th. I’m only halfway through Williams’s four years, but graduation and the job I need after it are already beginning to weigh on my mind.

Any thoughts/memories from the crowd about excellent college summer memories?

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