Chad Orzel ’93 has an entertaining rant about educational consultants, which starts like this:

The New York Times has a habit of publishing these loathsome little profile articles that either belie the paper’s liberal reputation, or are a stealthy attempt to bring about the Red Revolution by stoking class hatred. These generally take the form of profile stories about wealthy suburbanites in Westchester County or Connecticut, who have more money than taste, and whose sense of entitlement can be detected from distant stars through its gravitational pull on the sun.

These typically turn up in the Style section or the Magazine, but today’s made the front page of the print edition: Before College, Costly Advice Just on Getting In, which looks at the slimy business of advising yuppie children on how to get into the Ivy League

Go read the whole thing.

EDIT: Another blog post about this article, which explains how not being accepted to Harvard is WORSE THAN PROLIFIC BRAIN CANCER.

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