Several posts under “Form 990” on the EphBlog contain links to forms 990 filed by Williams with the IRS in recent years.   Those for 2004 and 2005 seem to be missing.    Here, to complete the set, are these two filings.

Williams Form990 2004 and Williams Form990 2005

If any reader feels moved to acquire the whole set from the past 10 years, they happen to be living on my computer, and I can provide.

For those historians searching for pre-1998 forms 990, it appears to be the IRS standard to destroy these nonprofits’ filings after 10 years, so they may be hard to obtain.    The website currently makes available only the most recent three year run for non-premium users.

At the present moment, Williams’ 2008 form 990, which should have been filed with the IRS months ago,  is not yet posted on Guidestar, but it should be along shortly.   When the 2008 filing appears, it will find its way onto the EphBlog like the others.

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