Chan Lowe ’75:

When you have something to sell, it’s all about getting past the media filter. You see, Obama can’t get on a news program and say a word without their feeling the need to fulfill some journalistic requirement by trotting out John Boehner or Lindsey Graham to give the contrarian point of view.

The tobacco people and the climate change-deniers learned this lesson well. If all you can scrape up is one pseudo-scientist (who happens to be on your payroll) to say that smoking is good for you, or that whales breaking wind causes global warming, they’ll give you equal time, even if ten thousand Nobel laureates say the opposite.

Ten thousand is a lot. Here is what the pseudo-scientists at NASA NOAA report for the last 100 years of US lower-48 temperatures.

If the average temperature in 2008 was indistinguishable from that in 1896, just how much should we really be worrying about global warming? (Previous EphBlog rant here.) Needless to say, there are a lot of further details to this debate (nice intro here) but I am always saddened at how few Ephs seem to be able to handle contrary opinions on contemporary shibboleths.

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