Mark Paresky has received a lot of flack at times on this blog and from other critics of his role in Williamstown development.  But he certainly deserves kudos for obscuring the construction staging area located at the former Subway / Purple Pub location with this very attractive landscaping.  In some ways, I’d love to see this mini-park made permanent, but I imagine this real estate, once the economy improves, will be too attractive to remain barren.  There is still, however, a nice patch of green where the old American Legion building used to reside, and it would be great to see that currently under-utilized space spruced up in this fashion.


Among the many recent changes to Spring Street, I believe that almost all are a net positive.  The only one that perplexes me is the parking lot expansion.  I have no problem with the expansion itself, but it seems to include an odd excess of asphalt between the actual rows of spaces — anyone know the story there?  I feel like the lot could have been about a third smaller while accomodating the same number of cars.

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