Nina Munk in Vanity Fair:

“There are going to be a hell of a lot of layoffs. Courses will be cut. Class sizes will get bigger,” conceded a Harvard insider, who, like every other administrator on campus, was not permitted to speak openly to me on the classified subject of alignments and resizements and belt-tightenings.

Radical change is coming to Harvard. Fewer professors, for one thing. Fewer teaching assistants, janitors, and support staff. Shuttered libraries. Less money for research and travel and books. Cafés replaced by vending machines. Junior-varsity sports teams downgraded to clubs. No raises. No bonuses. No fresh coats of paint or new carpets. Overflowing trash cans.

Read the whole article; there is too much I want to quote, though the story does drift at times into dramatics. Some on this blog have argued and will argue that Williams is in similar trouble, but at least we don’t have an equivalent to the Allston Science Complex.

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