I’m sorry everybody for being late this week. It feels silly posting the new reading assignment two days late, considering there is so much to talk about already, but I figure it’s a shorter assignment than most weeks and the weekend is a perfect time to play catchup. Here just a few little things to think about:

  • First off, I love the section that Sophmom mentioned she was reading in the week 2 update, the one between JOI and his father. Here’s one of the quotes that I love that I think is DFW talking about Infinite Jest: “It will do what it’s made for and do it perfectly, but only when stimulated by someone who’s made it his business to know it’s tricks and seams, as a body” (159). Any thoughts on the scene or the book as a whole so far?
  • Second, what did everyone think about Mario’s movie Tennis and the Feral Prodigy from pages 172-176? I love this section because the imperative allows some of the more general “life advice” (if you call it that) hit closer to home. “Sometimes words that seem to express really invoke” (175). Did anyone find this section striking for any reason?
  • And finally to get you started on this new reading, we meet a very important character in this first section–Madame Psychosis. I’m not going to give any pointers on this one (unless you want some) but feel free to give your thoughts on this section or on her as a character. Some really interesting stuff.

Keep up the reading and please post your thoughts (don’t feel limited at all by these prompts either, it’s just what I’ve been thinking of) or contact me with your questions and comments. Still trying to recruit people who want to do updates and things…Happy reading!

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