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Local Swimming hole #4

Williamstown swimming hole 4

 Linear Park

Center of town, right near the corner of Latham and Water St. A playground with park benches and a really nice sandy swimming hole with a depth of about 8 ft. The tree rope for jumping has been taken down… but this one, is an easy walk.  Linear Park.

  Spots posted thus far are:

   Hole #1-  Dorset Quarry 

   Hole #2- The Hopper

   Hole #3- The Tubs (or Tubbs)

   Hole #4- Linear Park

  Hole #5– The Watershed

  Hole #6– Stockbridge Quarry

*refer to “Stick around for summer” for links to the above places, and more!

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#2 Comment By sophmom On July 26, 2009 @ 10:40 pm

Mmmmm, looks inviting.

Tote along a nice bottle of Chardonnay, (or seltzer! :P) which you submerge into the water soon as you get there, a baguette, a triple creme chunk of cheese, a crisp apple… and you have a fairly inexpensive date/outing.

#3 Comment By Larry George On July 27, 2009 @ 1:22 am

Not too far from the Outing Club’s weekly Polar Bear Swim.


#4 Comment By Ben Fleming On July 27, 2009 @ 10:22 am

Very close to campus, and completely underrated.

#5 Comment By Larry George On July 27, 2009 @ 12:31 pm

PTC – Can go back into your post and make the links to the other posts live? That way, they’d all be in one place when someone opens this thread.

And readers who are interested in other posts about the area should explore those that are under “Local Places.”

#6 Comment By PTC On July 27, 2009 @ 10:50 pm

Ben- Not by me and others. I hit linear every time I can. A great swimming hole. Perhaps one day, we will put that rope swing back up.

#7 Comment By Larry George On July 27, 2009 @ 11:02 pm

That works. Thank you.

#8 Comment By Diana On July 28, 2009 @ 3:56 pm

One afternoon in my senior spring, the cross country boys who lived in Prospect invited two of us cross country girls to go rafting. These crazy boys had bought rafts from Wal-Mart — they may have just been raft-shaped pool toys, because they were not terribly seaworthy. They stored these rafts in some sort of custodian’s closet in Prospect, which Bill unlocked with a steak knife. It all made for a very reassuring beginning. We carried the four rafts down to Linear Park (at the local swimming hole place pictured above), loaded them two people to a raft, and pushed off.

Well, the rapids just below Linear Park are not substantial, but they were significant enough. You had to paddle just right, or else you would get stuck. Naturally, we got stuck. “Stay away from the tree!” Bill shouted, just before our raft got a mind of its own and headed directly for the tree. Another time, our raft somehow got stuck on a rock and we both had to get out in order to get unstuck.

After about 10 harrowing minutes in which I feared that I would die in a freak Wal-Mart rafting incident on unrated rapids in Williamstown, and my parents would say “we thought she was smart! Apparently not, if she would get in that raft,” the rapids abruptly stopped and we were floating on a placid river. Bill pulled out some Snapples and passed them around. He even tossed one in the river, to my environmental indignance, until I realized that it floated and he picked it back out of the water. We eventually landed unscathed at the bottom of Cole Field, and carried our rafts back up the hill.