who elected to leave the Board and EphBlog yesterday.

Sophmom was the first woman member of the Board and the first parent to be a Board member. Her voice on the Board was as a champion for doing things right and doing the right things. She was an active member with suggestions for improvements and the gumption to get them started.

Sophmom’s contributions to the blog will be remembered for her post series on Kirk Varnedoe and her posts on the art holdings of the WCMA. Her comments were particularly reassuring to first-time posters, many of whom she had encouraged to participate.

Surely, her voice was a voice for the Arts and artists and parents. Her views and comments will be greatly missed. They were an integral part of the attempt to bring a new tone to EphBlog.

In the past few months, her attention had turned much more to the inequities of EphBlog and her energies to setting things right. For readers, this meant less content on the liberal arts and more focus on the issues inherent to any blog but that seem to be particularly rife on this blog.

What is there about EphBlog that brings feelings that would not normally be shared to a state of venomous diatribe? How does this happen among a community of civilized graduates, parents, and members of the Williams’ extended family. Certainly, this is not the voice of Williams that graduates would choose to have represent the college.

After a tremendous enthusiastic start as Froshmom, Sophmom’s ultimate disillusion with and departure from this blog are a sad example of the poison that can seep into the most energetic and that emanates from this blog itself.

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