Professor Joe Cruz has served on the Board of EphBlog for a number of years as our link to the faculty and the campus. For this dedication, and the patience, forbearing, and belief in the potential of EphBlog that this dedication must have required, we thank you, Professor Cruz!

On a much more personal level based on my time with the Board, I would like to thank him for his continued input and support for the steps taken since October, 2008 to start EphBlog on a path to realize a more moderate position as perceived by readers and potential readers.

And in particular, a discussion with Professor Cruz, Sophmom, and me concerning the need for the disclaimer currently prominent on the masthead proclaiming EphBlog ‘Your UNofficial source for All Things Eph’’. This long-needed separation was approved by the Board shortly thereafter.

EphBlog desperately needs the input of students, parents, faculty and other members of the extended Williams family if it is to rise above being a somewhat mean-spirited blog of those to whom argumentation and long-winded diatribe are a life-essential.

Thank you, Joe Cruz, for your years of input towards helping us on the journey to achieving this.

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