Stockbridge Quarry

Stockbridge quarry

Driving directions from the store at 5 corners to a place to park linked below  Cool video here.,-73.383136&sspn=0.014283,0.020642&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=10

Directions for the approach/ walking after you park:  “Take 41 South a little farther until you see East Alford Road on your right hand side. Take right, follow that street past the bridge, and after you bend to the left, you will see some space on the left side of the road for parking.

  Park there, then backtrack on foot back over the bridge and you will see a path. Take that path for about 10 minutes until you come to a sort of opening where you will see a place to turn left or go straight; turn left. You will have to cross two streams, but once you climb up from the second, you will see an amazing 150 foot high wall of white rock. Once you get a little higher over the hill, you will see the quarry…it is impossible to miss.”

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