An EphBlog author mentioned to me via e-mail the importance of “positive reinforcement.” I agree. Let’s provide some. And let’s start with me. EphBlog had 123 posts in July. If you tell me in the comments which one of mine you liked the best, I promise to write at least five posts “like” it in August. (My favorite was this one, but make your own choices.)

I invite other EphBlog authors to make the same offer (either in the comments or by editing this post directly).

UPDATE: Jeff is also in on this. My favorite Jeff post in July was this one, but indeed, his 4 part series on Williamstown was wonderful. Now, Jeff can’t (?) go to Williamstown every month, but I met that he has a few more pictures he could share with his and, even if he doesn’t, his Williamstown updates from a distance are always excellent. What is your favorite Jeff post from July?

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