This was recently passed unanimously by the board. New material in bold:

What is EphBlog’s disclaimer?

While EphBlog is a collaborative project of anyone and everyone to which the term “Eph” might apply, it has no official connection with Williams College. As such, whatever is contained in EphBlog is not necessarily representative of any official college policy or opinion and Williams College as an institution does not necessarily endorse anything contained herein. Contributors are encouraged to write their personal opinions on issues, and such opinions are not necessarily a consensus opinion of Williams students, faculty, staff, administration or alumni.

The comments and posts on EphBlog come from contributions freely volunteered by many individual commenters and authors. Individual commenters and authors are responsible for the content of the comments and posts that they contribute to EphBlog. Although the board and editors of EphBlog reserve the right to remove objectionable material, this does not imply that anything published on EphBlog is endorsed or supported by anyone other than the individual commenter/author who posted it. Authors and editors have the option, but not the responsibility, to moderate comments on EphBlog threads. It’s a privilege, not a duty.

Furthermore, all content on sites linked to EphBlog, regardless of their authors’ affiliation with Williams College or EphBlog, are also not necessarily endorsed by the college. While readers may encounter a wide variety of material, some of which may be deemed offensive, the beauty of this website is that anyone and everyone can add their comments in the true spirit of Williams.

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