Thanks to hwc for pointing this out:

Speaking of digital libraries, did ya’ll know that digital versions of the Williams Record are available for online viewing or PDF download at the Internet Archive?

Here’s the 1971-1972 volume, conveniently flipped to the page with the review of the Pink Floyd “acid rock” concert in Chapin Hall:

November 16, 1971 Williams Record

Use the up and down arrows at the upper right to scroll through all the editions of the full academic year.

The Record caption writer seemed to like Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen (a “country western rock act”) better during winter study, at least noting that they had the crowd in Chapin “up and dancing”.

January 14, 1972 Williams Record

I haven’t found the review of the Winter Carnival Little Feat concert in Chapin yet. It’s in a different volume. It appears that all of the issues form 1904 up through at least 1990 are available on-line:

Williams Record in the Internet Archive



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