EphBlog is healthier than ever. Details below.

I realize that many reader are bored by these All About EphBlog posts. But, for those who aren’t, here are some thoughts bout EphBlog’s health.

1) I have not looked at traffic statistics, but they seem as strong as ever.

2) Although I am sad when authors (and/or board members) leave us, this has always been the natural ebb and flow of EphBlog, just as it is for any volunteer organization. I am especially pleased with all the new authors that I have joined us in the last month or two.

3) If I were as technologically savvy as Todd Gamblin ’02, I would be able to do a proper analysis of all our posts and comments. How has volume, frequency and author diversity changed over time?

4) Since I am not as smart as Todd, I just look at simple statistics. Consider the monthly archive button to the right. Click on it, and you can see how many posts we had in each month going back over 6 years. Consider the last 7 July’s:

2003: 22
2004: 84
2005: 46
2006: 45
2007: 46
2008: 73
2009: 123

Back in 2003, it was just me, writing for my father. 2004 is an outlier because Derek was writing his Red Sox Diary at the time. 2005 — 2007 were steady, although perhaps there is evidence of growth during the school months. But in 2008 and 2009, EphBlog has ascended to an entirely new level, both in the raw number of posts, but also in terms of post quality and author diversity. I only wrote around 1/3 the posts in July!

I think that post quality and quantity is the most important measure of EphBlog’s health. We have never been stronger.

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