A liberal arts education is supposed to be comprehensive and wide ranging, such that a Williams grad has received training relevant to any profession. Moreover, such education goes beyond the classroom and the academic seminars. First-time student directors learn about management as they get plays off the ground; seniors with theses learn about the time required for a massive project (often the hard way); frosh learn social skills when suddenly thrown into an entry of strangers. In fact, most anything we do at Williams, and most anything we do in life, has lessons of merit relevant to the future.

During a conversation on this subject last year, the person I was talking with remarked that streaking might be a exception to the above rule, with no educational value beyond the anatomical. That point is now settled, as at least one Eph (& former Ephblogger) has demonstrated the usefulness of the tactic out in the real world.

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Responding to breaking news that lobbyists forged letters from constituent groups in order to sway votes against the Waxman-Markey energy and climate bill, activists protested outside the offices of Bonner & Associates, the firm reportedly behind the hoax, wearing jackets, ties, and no pants while holding signs reading “The Fossil Fuel Lobby: Naked Fraud” and “Coal and Oil: Stealing Our Future.”

I don’t feel bad for Bonner & Associates, which apparently committed fraud multiple times by misrepresenting constituent groups through forged letters.

EDIT by ddavis: The following picture was too good to leave off of EphBlog.

Morgan Goodwin ’08 is the one holding up the “committed naked fraud” sign in the back.

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