Spring Street Books seems like a great organization.

Spring Street Books.org hopes to make the Williams Community a better place by helping students find and sell used textbooks on campus, assisting the search for cheap books on the internet, and donating profits back to the community.

The idea for Spring Street Books was originally conceived in the Mills 2 common room in the spring of 2008.

SpringStreetBooks.org was purchased and work began on October 1st 2008 by Joey Kiernan. Six days later, a preliminary beta site was released to the Williams community on a WSO discussion.

Currently, the Spring Street Books Board of Directors includes: Peter Huang, Joey Kiernan, Briana Marshall, Jared Nourse, Rachel Teitelbaum, Evan Skorpen, and Jack Wadden.

Great stuff. Latest news here. Have any readers used Spring Street Books? To the extent that these students hope to create an organization that will outlive their time at Williams, they ought to recruit faculty members and/or Williamstown-area alumni to their Board.

If they are ever interested in branching out beyond books, EphsChoose needs leaders . . .

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