Several news stories focusing on art over the past week:

The WCMA exhibit, “The Matter of Theology: A Conversation with the Collection,” is featured in this Boston Globe interview.

The interview with former art history grad student Amanda Hellman is interesting.  An excerpt:

Q: What do you want people to take away from this display of objects and questions?
A: I hope people feel the vibrations and the energy that is emitted from these objects. These objects don’t represent an entire religion nor can they explain it; rather, they are one artist’s version of an answer to a larger question or idea. I want people to consider how they themselves have addressed these questions and objects in other ways and think about how we, as humans, have visually dealt with these bigger questions. It is an opportunity for people to stop and meditate on these objects and questions for just a few moments. The gallery is designed so that you have to walk around the room, you can’t skip certain objects and go straight for the one you want to see (a tendency I have as a viewer). The tone of the gallery is different from all the others in the museum and hope the pace of their walk and the way they see the objects change when they walk across the threshold (or just before it if they notice the mezuzah outside the gallery).

The Albany Times Union has a review of the “Prendergast in Italy” exhibit, also at the WCMA.

Finally, the Wassaic Project, founded by Eph alums Eve Biddle ’04 and Bowie Zunino ’04, is a four day contemporary arts festival in a super-cool setting reminiscent of MassMoca: the Maxon Mill in Dutchess County, New York.  Learn more about the Wassaic Project here.

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